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PROGRAM SETUP Basic Professional
Automation Assistant
Concurrent Session Editing
Series Exposure Templates
File Name Templates
Customizable Folders
Series Exposure Templates
TheSkyX & 64 Camera Add On
One-Click Initialization
Application Independence
Plate Solving Support
Telescope Pointing Corrector
Boltwood Cloud Sensor
Settings Page for Tools & Wizards
Comprehensive Help System
ONE-CLICK TOOLS Basic Professional
Filter Offsets
Color Combine Ratio (G2V)
Camera Gain and Read Noise
Sky Glow Measurement
Sub-Exposure Calculator
TARGET SELECTION Basic Professional
Set, Assess and Track Goals
Flexible Target Input
Integration with TheSkyX & 64
Target Management
Target Information
MULTIPLE TARGETS Basic Professional
Import Multiple Targets
Target List Management
Reusable Target Lists
MOSAIC FEATURES Basic Professional
TheSky Mosaic Tool Integration
Mosaic Wizard
FOCUSING FEATURES Basic Professional
Focus Methods
Focus Options
SkyStar Focusing
TRACKING & GUIDING Basic Professional
Guiding Methods
Predictive Auto Guiding
Integrated Autoguider Calculator
Automatic Guide Star Retrieval
Automatic Guide Star Exposure
Automated Meridian Flips
Guided Imaging Options
Unguided Imaging Options
LIGHT FRAMES Basic Professional
User Defined Light Series
Exposure Management
Multiple Target Exposure Mgmt
Mosaic Exposure Mgmt
DARK & BIAS FRAMES Basic Professional
User Defined Dark And Bias
Dark and Bias Options
FLAT FRAMES Basic Professional
User Defined Flats
Flat Frame Options
Rotator Support
Automatic ADU Calculations
PROGRAM OPTIONS Basic Professional
Data Quality Definition
Start Up & Shut Down Options
Options After Light Exposures
Image Management
System Tests
Interface Customization
RUNNING SESSIONS Basic Professional
Setup Review
Session Review
Summary Data per Target and Quality
Comprehensive Logging
Summary Data per Target and Quality
Session Options
Configuration and Control by External Programs
Email/SMS Text Notification of Significant Events
Humidity and Wind Speed Abort (Boltwood II)
Automatic Color Combine Ratio Calculation