"I have recently started using CCDAutoPilot 5 for my remote imaging based at Astrocamp in Spain. This software is awesome. Having stored the parameters, creating a routine is simple, turning my system from remote imaging to true robotic imaging. It orchestrates all the other software (e.g. TheSkyX, MaxIm DL, main and guide cameras, focusing) - so in the morning I have many hours of data in the can, combined with all the required calibration frames. Not only that, those difficult sky flats are perfect. Oh....now I get to do imaging and sleep at the same time, can't be bad."

Chris Baker, U.K.

"CCDAutoPilot 5 is truly the next generation of imaging automation. It’s simple yet powerful workflow make it the perfect solution for a one button start to a complete night of imaging. With all the tools and options available CCDAP5 makes complex tasks effortless allowing you to reach your imaging goals no matter how easy or difficult they may be. It is almost like CCDAP5 was written just for me and I am sure that after you try it, you will feel the same as I do."

Ken Crawford, CA, USA

"Truth be told, astroimaging is a LOT of work. CCDAutopilot 5 makes it all fun again. To take great images, so many things have to go right. CCDAP5 makes sure that they do. I use to spend so much time and energy setting everything up and then watching it like a hawk. Now, my setup takes just minutes and I get to focus most of my time on processing the images CCDAP5 captured for me. Sleep, it’s not overrated. CCDAP5 lets me work all night AND get a good night’s sleep!"

Jonathan Burnett, FL USA

"CCDAutoPilot 5 is one of those rare software upgrades that reward the user with significantly enhanced functionality while actually simplifying the user experience and improving application performance."

Wes Stauffer, CA, USA