PEMPro provides you with all the tools you need to get the most of your telescope mount to provide the best tracking and guiding possible.

Periodic Error Correction (PEC)

PEMPro will analyze the performance of any mount that is equipped with a CCD camera or Webcam. No more exporting log files and Excel spreadsheets. PEMPro will reveal your mounts performance in real time regardless of seeing conditions.

PEMPro gives you powerful tools to program your mounts periodic error correction firmware to achieve the best possible performance for your mount. PEMPro dramatically improves guided and unguided imaging resulting in better images and fewer lost exposures.

  • Acquires performance in real-time over multiple worm cycles
  • Analyzes the collected data to define mount performance
  • Creates a smoothed, fitted correction curve
  • Programs your mounts periodic error correction firmware
  • Allows simple comparison of before and after results
  • Provides advanced refinements to further fine tune your mounts performance.

PEMPro supports any mount that supports permanent periodic error correction. In addition, PEMPro provides specialized support for the following mounts:

Paramount ME
Losmandy Gemini L4
Mountain Instruments
Mathis Instruments
Meade RCX400
Meade LX200 GPS
Meade LX200 Classic
Celestron CGE

For a complete list of supported mounts, click here. To see actual results from real users, click here.

Polar Alignment Wizard

The Polar Alignment wizard is quick and simple requiring only a few minutes to align your mount making it perfect for portable setups that must be aligned each night.

PEMPro uses the polar drift alignment method to help you achieve good polar alignment. This method, although very accurate, has a reputation of being difficult. PEMPro takes the tedium out of this method. Although you can use this wizard if you do not have a GOTO mount, if you have a GOTO mount PEMPro can make Polar Alignment less painlful.

Polar Alignment is done with the CCD Camera or Web Cam in real-time allowing you adjust your mount to arc-second accuracy. An easy-to-use wizard guides you through the process step by step to ensure the best alignment possible.

Backlash Analysis

PEMPro’s backlash exerciser allows you to measure and quantify your mounts declination backlash

Using this tool you can refine your mount and/or software backlash settings to reduce over-correction or under-correction of declination autoguiding movements

Refinement of your declination backlash can dramatically improve autoguiding performance.

Support for Video-Based Cameras

PEMPro provides a way to use a low cost webcam or video camera to measure and adjust periodic error, polar alignment, and backlash

The PEMPro Video interface application can work with any DirectShow or WDM compliant device including most capture cards and webcams (like the Philips Toucam Pro and Meade LPI).


The Star Finder tab is helpful if you have a small field of view to locate a star or other object when your mount’s alignment is not perfect. Press one button to calibrate, then another to start building a spiral mosaic, which is displayed directly on the screen. Once the star you are looking for shows up on the mosaic you can click on it and the scope will slew to it.