"I have been a FocusMax user since version 3. I have a section my imaging log spreadsheet where I record focus runs and record the readings for 3-4 runs back-to-back. The spreadsheet calculates the average and peak-to-peak variation and I set focus to the average of the runs. I have noticed with FocusMax V5 the peak-to-peak variation between the runs is considerably lower than with earlier versions of FocusMax.

FocusMax V5 is packed with new features:

  • Multi-Star focusing which allows on-field imaging with your target.
  • Artificial intelligence which with the new fitting algorithm allows measurements to be performed closer to focus point where signal is greater.
  • Focus plot displays Peak to Peak difference for the focus run which is a good indication of how good the seeing is.
  • A new VCurve graph that shows Focus Center Position and automatically sets the focuser to the focus center after the VCurve run.
  • A single Button Click to connect to all configured systems e.g., Focuser, MaximDL, Telescope etc.
  • Software binning within FocusMax V5 to increase binning for color cameras with small pixel sizes.

It is my opinion that FocusMax V5 focuses better than the earlier version. Many thanks to Steve Brady for the effort he has put into FocusMax V5."

Bill Stout

Idaho, USA

"I have been testing FocusMax V5 beta versions from the beginning and I spent many hours testing Single-Star and Multi-Star focus and comparing the focus results obtained from each.  I can say without a doubt that V5 results from Multi-Star focus are on par with the single star results obtained with V4 or V5.  In the final beta versions of V5, Multi-Star focus now produces the best FWHM results consistently in every focus run.  The integration with the latest version of ACP Expert makes the Multi-Star setup and operation seamless.  The Improved star detection algorithm along with the Multi-Star focus means you don’t have to slew to a focus star anymore so you can stay on target and take less time per focus run.   These new features let FocusMax V5 produce the sharpest results in all your images."

Richard Asarisi

Conn. USA

"I've been a FocusMax user for at least 16 years. It's an indispensable tool, for me integrated with ACP, to provide quick and accurate focusing. I started with FocusMax V3 and stepped up to FocusMax V4 for many years. Now, with FocusMax V5 and the introduction of on-field, Multi-Star focusing, it's no longer necessary to slew away from the target to get the same accurate, reliable focusing with my Classic 12-inch LX-200. Even with my small field of view camera, Multi-Star focusing is successful. Version V5 retains its manual focusing capability and its AcquireStar functions as user choices. AcquireStar may be enabled as a fail-over mechanism if Multi-Star focusing is not successful. Staying on target has been a real time saver for me, which means more on-target observing time and less moving the telescope around. For those interested in scripting, FocusMax V5 exposes and extensive set of properties and methods in its API to enable precise control of the focuser. This version is a wonderful improvement to an already excellent auto-focusing product."

Richard Berg