Main Window

Presents objects meeting your criteria on the night being planned in a purely visual display. This lets you concentrate on what objects you’d like to image based on real images.

Target Information Windows

Clicking on a target in the main window brings up an information window for that target. The target can then be added to the session plan or to the ‘Favorites’ list.

EZ-Guide in Action!

When a target is added to the plan, EZ-Guide automatically selects guide stars and adjusts the camera’s position and (optionally) rotation to put a guide star on the guider. If the user approves the selection, the target will be added. Otherwise, EZ-Guide will present additional guide stars. Using “Interactive Preview”, the user can fine tune the position of the target to create their desired composition.

Goals and Results

CCDNavigator lets you create goals for your Favorite targets and track the results achieved by your CCDAutoPilot imaging sessions. Users without CCDAutoPilot can adjust their results manually.

Session Plan Management

After the desired targets have been added to the plan, the user can fine-tune the frame counts for each target. Lastly, the session plan can be saved for importation to automation programs such as CCDAutoPilot or ACP Expert. Target lists, including their EZ-Guide positioning and rotation and Preview Images are cached for future sessions.