Main window

Analyze an unlimited batch of exposures for image quality by comparing a variety of statistical measurements.

Real-time collimation

By using CCDInspector’s curvature map, you can precisely collimate your telescope to obtain the sharpest, highest resolution images.

3D curvature plots

CCDInspector provides 3D curvature plots so you can see the effect of field flatters, reducers, collimation, focus and much more.

Viewing images

CCDInspector allows you to view an image and measure any star to obtain FWHM, Aspect Ration and Peak Brighness.


Powerful charting

Analyze the performance of your imaging system by charting variousĀ attributes over time and altitude to uncover various issues such as mirrorĀ flop, focuser sag, seeing conditions, effects of atmosphere and much more.

Real-time focus monitor

Measure the average FWHM over an entire exposure, a portion of an exposure or a single star. FWHM, Aspect Ratio and Peak ADU all assist in the obtaining the best focus out of your imaging system.

Advanced monitoring tools

View FWHM, HFD, Peak ADU and other statistics over time. Measure seeing quality, tracking accuracy with powerful interactive real-time tools.