Vista Compatability Notes
Microsoft Vista Compatibility Notes
The following are notes regarding the compatability of CCDWare applications with Microsoft Vista. Unless cited, all notes pertains to the 32 bit version of the OS.

Last Updated: 07-13-07

CCDNavigator - Supported
CCDNavigator Version 1.2 provides full support for Microsoft Vista.

PEMPro - Supported
PEMPro Version 1.70.145 (released 02-17-07) adds full support Microsoft Vista. The default directory is now \\My Documents\CCDWare\PEMPro. The 60 day trial will be reset for anyone running an older evaluation version of PEMPro. PEMPro Version 2.0 provides complete support for Windows Vista

CCDAutoPilot - Supported
Versions 1 and 2 of CCDAutoPilot are not Vista compatible. Version 3.40 (released 02-17-07) adds full support for Vista. The registration system has been changed requiring a re-install of the application (web update will not install this version). Installation of version 3.40 will require you re-enter your orginal CCDAP3 registration key. CCDAP2.X does not need to be installed if you are installing a CCDAP3 upgrade version. CCDAP4 is fully Vista-compliant.

CCDInspector -Supported
Version 1.32 of CCDInspector included native support for Windows Vista. You will be required to re-enter your registration key.

CCDStack version 1.2 provides full Vista compatibility. Users running the 64 bit version of Vista will gain significant performance enhancement from the increased memory allocation for very large stacks of images.


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